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About company

ACCRA DIGITAL LIMITED, like other large corporations such as Datapipe, PefectMoney and Moonlite, decided to locate its data center in Iceland for several key reasons: - Very low cost of electricity. - Electricity is extracted from renewable sources - from geothermal sources and hydroelectric power plants, so our energy sources are very cheap and in this way we will preserve the ecology of our planet. - The loyal attitude of the state to cryptocurrencies. - Iceland has been actively developing in the IT industry for the last 3 years, many data centers have been built. In addition, Iceland is quite a cold country, so this is another plus for renting a data center here, since you do not need to have many air conditioners to cool the servers. Such data centers provide year-round high-performance cooling using FreeCooling technology. Accordingly, for us it is a minus another item of expenditure, and for you another item of income.

Affiliate program

Our affiliate program is designed to ensure that you can make a profit not only from mining, but also from attracting users and get additional profits. We can make a profit even without investments, but only attracting users to the site. After registering on the site, you will receive an affiliate link that you can share to attract new users, thereby increasing your power and your income. The terms of the affiliate program are simple: at the moment when your partner makes a power purchase on our service, you will receive 10% of the amount of his investment, in addition you will receive 5 GH / S for each attracted user, including even those who have not made a power purchase .

Our advantages

Official British company operating since 2012

Profitable Affiliate program

Full statistics of all financial transactions

The most modern and best equipment

Professional IT specialists who monitor equipment

Unique software that allows you to mine coins with different algorithms

A wide selection of cryptocurrency for mining

Hydro and geothermal energies are cheap, renewable and do not harm the environment

Due to the cold climate of Iceland, year-round high-efficiency cooling technology FreeCooling

Comodo Security Certificates

Complete privacy

DDOS server protection

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Login Coin Amount Date
... USD 10.00000000 28.08.2019 07:05
... DOGE 51.09351391 27.07.2019 21:43
... DOGE 1000.00000000 26.07.2019 21:11
... USD 5.00000000 23.07.2019 15:49
... DOGE 57.45199995 20.07.2019 21:24
... USD 0.10000000 17.07.2019 21:05
... USD 4.50000000 17.07.2019 00:17
... USD 1.70000000 16.07.2019 01:06
... USD 1.00000000 12.07.2019 02:12
... DOGE 1000.00000000 09.07.2019 12:48
... USD 1.00000000 08.07.2019 11:56
... USD 3.00000000 07.07.2019 21:03
... USD 1.00000000 06.07.2019 12:52
... USD 2.00000000 05.07.2019 09:24
... ZEC 0.09644971 04.07.2019 15:25
... BTC 0.00100000 03.07.2019 23:12
... DOGE 997.46619661 03.07.2019 18:13
... DOGE 1008.22629527 03.07.2019 10:52
... BTC 0.00100000 02.07.2019 22:23
... DOGE 1000.00000000 02.07.2019 16:41
Last payouts
Login Coin Amount Date
... USD 1.19000000 18.02.2019 22:36
... DOGE 1000.00000000 18.02.2019 22:25
... USD 1.84423367 18.02.2019 22:24
... USD 1.00000000 18.02.2019 22:12
... USD 4.50000000 18.02.2019 22:09
... USD 1.00000000 18.02.2019 22:07
... USD 1.02000000 18.02.2019 22:01
... USD 1.00000000 18.02.2019 21:10
... DOGE 1250.00000000 18.02.2019 21:07
... USD 1.00000000 18.02.2019 21:05
... USD 1.40000000 18.02.2019 20:55
... USD 1.96000000 18.02.2019 20:41
... USD 1.17000000 18.02.2019 20:40
... USD 1.07000000 18.02.2019 20:37
... USD 1.80000000 18.02.2019 20:37
... BTC 0.00100000 18.02.2019 20:28
... DOGE 1012.00000000 18.02.2019 20:23
... DASH 0.02000000 18.02.2019 20:17
... USD 1.37570000 18.02.2019 19:58
... DASH 0.01417001 18.02.2019 19:52


Vladislav Gelt

29.08.2017, 15:09

Not the first year working with cloud mining and tried different services. I can say with confidence that this not only inspired confidence, but also confirmed its advantages in practice. What is important is timely withdrawal of funds. With this problem did not arise even once. Support qualified, respond quickly. In general, I can safely recommend.

Sarah Faraday

31.08.2017, 13:03

I want to share my impressions about ACCRA DIGITAL. First, the service has a very user-friendly interface, which is important for me. Everything is clear and well described. Secondly, favorable conditions for mining. A small percentage of the withdrawal and does not require serious investments. And finally, they provide good power, which always work properly. Personally, I see great prospects in working with this service. Daily income is very impressive - around $ 5. And I think this is just the beginning.

Garry Dimmer

14.09.2017, 09:59

This is a great option for those who want to join cloud mining. There is a real opportunity to earn without special investments. This project really combines a convenient online platform and a reliable wallet. I donate funds far from immediately, but they have never once disappeared in a strange way, or the amount has not become less. Getting started is easy, registration does not take much time and does not require a lot of effort. The contract can be concluded from anywhere in the world, so this is another huge plus.

Liam Johnson

17.05.2018, 21:25

As with all other cloud mining services, ACCRA DIGITAL provides the ability to remotely mine a cryptocurrency and subsequently withdraw it to its actual accounts. But in comparison with many HYIP projects, there are no dirty tricks and pitfalls. The service always allows you to withdraw funds, does not block personal accounts with accounts. If you invest at least a small amount, then the income will be even greater. Try and get your benefit!

Brian Smith

29.07.2018, 11:43

In this service, it is convenient to work with a personal account and see all the calculations visually. If you are just starting your way in cloud mining, the FAQ section will be very useful for you. There, the most accessible language describes all the basic functions and capabilities of the site. I already had experience of such work, so I can definitely say everything is super. There are no problems or gaps in the work.

Andrew Williams

05.10.2018, 13:54

It's great that the interest that you can earn as a result does not stretch for several years. For one year, you can really collect a decent amount. Well, output at will, in parts and already everything is at the end. If you do not want to risk right away with your personal money, try to start work without an investment. The result you will see one hundred percent and then you will gain momentum. The result is - I recommend.