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About company

    ACCRA DIGITAL LIMITED, like other large corporations such as Datapipe, PefectMoney and Moonlite, decided to locate its data center in Iceland for several key reasons:
  • - Very low cost of electricity.
  • - Electricity is extracted from renewable sources - from geothermal sources and hydroelectric power plants, so our energy sources are very cheap and in this way we will preserve the ecology of our planet.
  • - The loyal attitude of the state to cryptocurrencies.
  • - Iceland has been actively developing in the IT industry for the last 3 years, many data centers have been built.

In addition, Iceland is quite a cold country, so this is another plus for renting a data center here, since you do not need to have many air conditioners to cool the servers. Such data centers provide year-round high-performance cooling using FreeCooling technology.

Accordingly, for us it is a minus another item of expenditure, and for you another item of income.

A little about the history of the creation of ACCRA DIGITAL LIMITED. Our company was founded in 2012, in London. Since the establishment of our company, we have been developing and implementing software for business and manufacturing, have provided various consulting services in the field of information technology and computer programs. Over 6 years of our work, we have gained an impeccable business reputation in many areas of business.

With the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency, we decided to start an intensive development in this direction. We have developed a unique web platform that allows you to combine and use completely different extraction algorithms. This means that you can extract completely different cryptocurrencies on a single platform, no matter what mining algorithm one or another cryptocurrency uses, our software will easily switch you at any time, for example, from Bitcoin mining to Ethereum mining, although they use different algorithms, SHA -256 and Ethash respectively.

Now we want to tell a little more about our data center. As mentioned above, the data center is located in Iceland. We signed a contract for the rental of a part of the famous Verne Global data center, which is located on the site of the former NATO military base in southwest Iceland, near the town of Keflavik. This is an additional guarantee of the security of our critical IT equipment located in the data center. The security of client equipment on the data center campus is also ensured through the use of the most advanced security systems, including the large-scale use of a video surveillance camera, eight separate control points, and round-the-clock patrols throughout the campus. The fact that the campus is located in Iceland also plays an important role, since this country is recognized as one of the world leaders in terms of the physical security of people and businesses.

100% of the energy needs of our data center are satisfied thanks to geothermal sources (geysers) and hydroelectric power station, which belongs to the data center. We are talking about minimizing the cost of cooling, ensuring affordable electricity and maximizing the ecological compatibility of the computing infrastructure. This means that we use one of the most sophisticated, reliable and industrially developed power supply networks in the world, offering unsurpassed energy security and environmental cleanliness.

In the video below you can fully familiarize yourself with our data center, see it from the inside, and also find out a lot of interesting information about how everything works.